Pleasant Grove


Pleasant Grove was a small rural community that has recently been absorbed into the fringes of Stone Pointe during the city’s expansion. During its absorption there have been some adjustments to the town, though for the most part life continues much as it has for the last fifty years.

Pleasant Grove itself has expanded somewhat, as people escaping the haste and pressure of city life migrate into the suburbs — Close enough to the city to get to work, yet far enough away that they can live the “quiet life.”

Locations of Interest

  • Pleasant Grove High School – Recently shut down, despite public outcry, when the Board of Education re-drew the school district boundaries.
  • Main Street Hardware – One of the few remaining “mom and pop” style stores in the area. It narrowly avoided being shut down permanently during a police investigation into a series of violent murders. While the crimes have yet to be solved, the investigation did not turn up any links between the store and the deaths.

Residents of Note:

Pleasant Grove

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